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ProLawn Spray Shield

Established in 1982, ProLawn Product's innovative sprayers are sold worldwide to a broad market consisting of commercial lawn care companies, school districts, governmental agencies, cemeteries, utility companies, golf courses, parks and recreation, and home owners. Mission Statement: John and Randy Gerosa have dedicated their careers to find one of the best environmentally friendly ways to spray for the lawn care industry by creating a full line of shielded sprayers. The motivation behind ProLawn Products to develop shielded sprayers, was our experience using open booms. Open boom spraying wasn't safe enough because many times while performing an application in the field, the wind would shift or increase and get chemical drift on our clothing and skin. Those who have sprayed with an open boom sprayer or hand wand know what we're talking about. Why Care? The harmful effects chemicals used in the lawn care industry can be detrimental to ones health. ProLawn cares about the long-term health of the applicator, their families, and the environment. The largest compliment we receive from our customers is that they should have bought a ProLawn Shielded Sprayer years ago. 

ProLawn's Shielded Sprayers are the most productive, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly way to apply liquid fertilizer, pre-emergent, herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides to all your turf areas. Not only will ProLawn’s Spray Shields increase your efficiency, but you’ll also increase your customer base and retention rate. ProLawn’s unique Spray Shields design helps protect the general public, pets, wildlife, and desirable vegetation from the hazards of airborne chemical spray. This design also protects the operator, so you’ll find it easier to attract, motivate, and retain spray technicians. Since you can spray even on windy days, you’ll stay in full control of your spray schedule. ProLawn prides themselves with customer satisfaction, high quality, dependability, and commercial grade material made in the USA.

ProLawn's specially designed mounting brackets enables any shielded sprayer to fit most front-mount, mid-mount, stand on, walk behind, spray systems, and various utility vehicles. In some applications, the tank will be taken off and mount the sprayers to the sprayer vehicle, and hook your spraying system up to our shields. ProLawn's sprayers can spray anything that does not require mechanical agitation. If the operator is using liquid fertilizer, a foam kit is recommended and can be provided through ProLawn. 

What are the advantages ProLawn's Spray Shields offer? In comparison to conventional open boom sprayers, there's no competition. Open boom spray systems, use large spray droplets to try and reduce drift… When a large droplet hits a blade of grass, much of the chemical splashes onto the ground and is rendered ineffective. As a result, you apply more chemicals to the turf area than needed. On the other hand, ProLawn Spray Shields applies small droplets that “stick” to the vegetation. With small droplets and lower volume, you’ll use less chemicals saving an average of 15% on chemical costs and still get more coverage per tankful. Not only will you use less chemicals, but the faster drying time allows the turf area to be re-entered sooner.

With ProLawn’s Spray Shields, you’ll confidently spray right up to the ornamental plants, flower beds, water, and other landscape features. Having multiple nozzles in each spraying chamber provides slight overlap of spray giving you consistent coverage over the entire turf area. By maintaining a constant ground speed, you’ll precisely monitor the amount of chemicals being applied. ProLawn Shielded Sprayer offers an environmentally on-target feature competitors can not. Compare this to the lackluster open boom sprayers on the market and you can see how ProLawn Spray Shields give you faster application, greater coverage, stay on spray schedule, reduce workmen’s comp claims, increase customer retention rate, protect the applicator, save an average of 15% on chemical costs, no over spray, and save money with a safer way to spray. Enjoy the comfort in sitting in your seat, rather than standing all day with ProLawn's Shielded Sprayer.